Foyer de L’ Amitié students thank the community Support Program- CSP in lebanon #USAID#for its support to complete their studies

After receiving CSP’s jobs, Education and Training (JET) Scholarship, Houssein Mohamad Serghany able to complete the final year of his studies in electronics at the Foyer de L’Amitié technical and vocational school in the Bequaa.”Electronics and other technical and vocational fields are needed nowadays despite the crashing economy,” Houssein says:”my scholarship is a source of […]

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LDS Training Course

The training course held in Dar Al-Sadaqa organized by LDS and attended by Mr. Michael and Mrs Liz Freckleton, Dr. Emad Saud and Mr. Abdo Al-Haddad, on the vocational training project in the modern international technology “fish farming and aquarium farming”. With the participation of a number of associations and vocational schools in Lebanon. And […]

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The Flying Seagull Project

The Flying Seagull Project, a team from England, celebrated the birthdays of several children. Hours of acrobatic games, magic and diverse games with the participation of the children of the village in addition to a variety of artistic program.  

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